September 2019

Let’s Drive Safely

Do not drive without– Valid driving licence Vehicle registration certificate Valid vehicle’s insurance certificate Permit and vehicle’s certificate of fitness Valid Pollution under control certificate Attributes of a good driver– Alertness & awareness of surroundings Coolness Consideration for others Politeness… Read More »Let’s Drive Safely

Stop using single-use plastic!

Ways You Can Stop Using Single-Use Plastic Right Now! Source TOI

A Safety Officer

At a Construction Site, a group of people noticed a person worried & unhappy! People: Hey, why are you looking worried, is everything alright? Worried Person: See those people; they are working unsafely, their life in danger. People (Mocking at… Read More »A Safety Officer

Environmental, Social and Governance

Environmental, Social & Governance is a tool to measure the sustainability & ethical impact of an investment in a company. When ESG factors integrated into investment analysis and decision making it offers investors potential long-term performance advantages.