A Safety Officer

At a Construction Site, a group of people noticed a person worried & unhappy!

People: Hey, why are you looking worried, is everything alright?

Worried Person: See those people; they are working unsafely, their life in danger.

People (Mocking at him): They are working for their livelihood, it is their headache; Let them die. You just don’t worry…

Worried Person: No ….. Not at all, as long as I am here, I will not let anybody die, even nobody will get injured; all will go to their home safely.

People(Little Puzzled): They asked who are you? Police, government or god?

Worried Person: With big a smile & confidence, he replied, none of the above… 

I am a Safety Officer…on a mission to save life….on a mission to make our workplace safer… Yes, I am a Safety Officer… and proud to be in this profession.

Dedicated to all Safety Officers for their relentless efforts to save a life…

7 thoughts on “A Safety Officer”

  1. So True…Safety Officers are now becoming the change agent for Safe thought process Implementation & Leading their Company for Progress & Production with SAFETY…!!!

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