Piped Natural Gas (Domestic PNG)- Basic Safety Guidelines

Piped Natural Gas (PNG) which is being supplied through pipelines & used by domestic customers in societies, colonies, multi-storey buildings etc. is known as Domestic PNG connections. The natural gas is a composition of hydrocarbons (~ 95% Methane & other Hydro Carbons).

Safe appliances

  • Ensure the gas stove/ burner & rubber pipe is ISI certified, keep checking the rubber pipe for any cuts or damage periodically.
  • Keep away combustible or flammable materials from kitchen.
  • Don’t cover the gas pipeline & rubber pipe, maintain cleanliness around.
  • Don’t tamper with any component of the gas connection; keep children away.

During Use

  • Ignite match stick first and then switch on the gas supply, it’s safer.
  • Use cotton apron & hand gloves during cooking & while handling utensils.
  • Avoid direct contact of hot utensils or liquids with the rubber pipe.
  • Never leave the burner or stove unattended while cooking, when finished make sure you close the burner knob and gas tap.
  • During vacations or when away from home for a longer duration, ensure the main control valve is closed.

Dealing with difficulties

Gas leakage can be easily detected as it has a peculiar smell or odour. In the case of gas leakage/ stoppage of gas flow-

  • Do not ignite match stick or lighter or switch on any electric appliances
  • All doors/ windows to be opened to facilitate ventilation.
  • Inform the service provider & firefighters as appropriate, for this make sure emergency numbers are available with you.
  • Keeping a portable fire extinguisher (ABC type) handy is always a good idea to deal with fire.

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