Emergency Preparedness

Situation that poses an immediate risk to health, life, property, or environment called an emergency. 

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Emergency may be the result of deviation from normal operational conditions or any natural calamities such as earthquakes, cyclones, flood or sabotage etc. which may affect/ cause serious injuries, loss of lives, and extensive damage to property or disruption of work.

Apart from the above emergencies may take place through the collapse of structures, scaffoldings, etc.; accidental contact with live electrical cables/ wires, accidental exposure to toxic/ corrosive content of chemicals during accident handling; landslides in the excavated area, etc. 

Emergency Preparedness

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A plan to deal with an emergency situation if ready results in less damage or contain the severity. The key to a successful emergency plan is mock drill, need to conducted/ practised periodically to check the level of preparedness.

Objective of emergency preparedness can be further summarized as under-

  • Safeguard the personnel located at project/ premises.
  • Minimize damage to property and environment.
  • Organize rescue and treatment of affected persons.
  • Initially, contain and ultimately bring the incident under control.
  • Identify the causalities & provide required support.
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