HSE Inspection vs HSE Audit- learn the difference

Having spent years in industries, have seen people getting confused between HSE Inspection & Audit, though both are proactive monitoring techniques to improve the workplace safety conditions but its use & usefulness is quite different.

Let’s try to understand:

HSE Inspection objectives should be identifying the hazards, assess the effectiveness of existing control measures and suggesting remedial actions where the current measures are inadequate.

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HSE inspections are generally carried out by frontline supervisors, managers, safety representatives primarily to identify the unsafe acts and unsafe conditions at the workplace. Suitable checklists with pre-defined issues are used during inspections.

HSE Audit objective is to check the adequacy of the process or framework set up for the implementation of HSE management within the organization.

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The HSE Audit process includes a review of various documentation, inspection of workplace and interaction with all connected personnel aswell. The audit is carried by a person (s) who possess suitable qualification & competency.

While inspection conducted on certain pre-defined parameters, audit is all about the assessment of processes (questions like why, who, how etc. are part of audit technique).

Inspection reviews specific point at a time and generates actions while audit is a complex process.

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