Sustainability- Living in a better world


Sustainability is the efficient utilization of available resources without affecting the needs of future generations. Not just the environment, society & people and economic growth are also the essential pillars of sustainability, leads to a better world.

Let’s see:

Environmental sustainability is the use of natural resources in a way to maintain ecological integrity and allows the earth’s replenishment as well.

#resource conservation #recycling or re-use #biodiversity #climate change

Social sustainability is a transformation of the world into a community which have access to all basic necessities, resources, equal rights where everybody is respected without any discrimination.

#human rights #diversity #welfare #health care #rights to education #access to resources #gender discrimination

Economic sustainability gives opportunity to the community to have their preferred source livelihood with access to all the resources to meet their needs.

#economic growth #urbanisation #ethical business #governance

So let’s join hands for a sustainable world, a place where we can live a better way without worrying about our future generations.

Coming up: article on Sustainable Development Goals

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