Employee Motivation- key to successful HSE Framework

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From an organization perspective, employee motivation is aligning employees towards sustainable goals set by the organization. These goals may include achieving “zero accidents”, “zero emissions”, “enhanced production”, “training man-hours” etc. But keeping employees motivated always is a challenging task for organizations.

So, what are the parameters with respect to health, safety & environment that can help to keep employees motivated, let’s find out:

HSE Roles & Responsibility, Accountability, Authority

  • HSE roles & responsibility shall be well defined – top to Bottom across the level, for each function or individual.
  • Accountability on HSE matters shall be set at all levels.
  • Authority or empowerment – employees should be empowered for feedbacks, decisions, implementation w.r.t. HSE matters.

Training & Awareness

Opportunities for adequate HSE training & awareness programs shall be created within the organisation to give employees space for skill enhancement & behavioural transformation as well.

HSE Culture

HSE should be integrated into the organisation’s culture – starting from visitors, contractors, employees (starting from interviews, joining & throughout employment) HSE should be emphasised & celebrated.
TOP Leadership to demonstrate commitment towards HSE.

Employees Communication, Participation & Consultation

Effective communication channels focused on HSE objectives & performance should be established at all levels and transparent communication, participation & consultation among all stakeholders should be encouraged.

HSE Reward & Recognition

All significant associations pertaining to HSE should be recognised/ admired; rewards & recognition programs are effective tools in this context.

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