PEER Learning

Peer learning is basically a collaborative environment within any organization where peers support each other to learn processes.

Peers can be your own colleague,  reporting managers/ functional heads/ senior executives at an organizational level, having distinct knowledge & experience.

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Advantage of Peer Learning Program

  • Easy to implement
  • Cost-effective as no additional resource required
  • Mentor & Learner both learn during this process
  • Cross functions are aligned
  • Coordinated approach develops among the team members, later helps to improve productivity

Peer Learning Program- Important Steps

  • Well-defined Peer Learning Program
  • Identifying Peers/ Mentors
  • Skill up-gradation support for the Peers / Mentors
  • Peers Learning Calendar
  • Rewards & Motivation Programs for Peers
  • Effective Monitoring of the Program

How to Kick-Start Peer Learning Program

  • Mentoring: Effective mentoring builds strong relationships within the organization, both mentor & learner re-inforces their knowledge in the process
  • Formal Training Sessions: Identify & Encourage PEERS who can devote time to share their experience – basically challenges & probable solutions.
  • Informally: Invite a group of people over a cup of tea/ lunch, encourage them to share their thoughts on any prevailing system/ business issue.

Let’s learn & win together by holding each others hand.

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