Let’s welcome the “New Normal”

With the emergence of Covid-19 pandemic, the world around us started changing fast not for the challenges but also by creating room for new opportunities as well.

If we go back by a few months nobody has ever imagined the whole world will be under lockdown, big economies will be in trouble, people will lose their livelihood, poverty will on the rise, people will surrender their lives to a normal flu-like disease, but all that happened. It’s time to accept this reality & move ahead with some changes in our lifestyle which will the “New Normal”- the need of the hour.

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So many things are changing around:

  • Social distancing is the new social-connect, maintain distance between two individual, wear face masks, avoid handshakes is the new mantra of life now.
  • The virtual world is the need of the hour, be it workplace or educations or celebrations or any other world is forced to adapt to these changes.
  • Securing the unsecured, things are highly uncertain nowadays- people are not sure about the health of self & family members, economies are sinking so as personal financial conditions. The outcome of this uncertainty is stress, fear and anxiety.
  • Desperate to get freedom from all what is happening around, just want normalcy back to the world.

This is the “New Normal”

This new normal may not be same for everybody as every individual see it from a different perspective, have their own approach to deal with the situations.

Most of us will complain about in fact hate these situations, while many are converting these to opportunities- coming up with innovations, the definition of the new normal is different for them.

Let’s be at the side of the second set of people, get stronger, fight back this pandemic together, and welcome the new normal

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106 thoughts on “Let’s welcome the “New Normal””

  1. Very nice article sir.

    New normal can be well accepted if these many facilities become available and sense of responsibilities lies amongst everyone. Afterall, health is wealth but paper wealth is a necessity too.

    Really appreciable and well presented.

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